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I’ve helped good people find their dream houses and trade unfitting property for financial peace-of-mind for twenty years now. Often, clients will open up regarding, past independent forays into property exchange. I’ve heard tales of housing horror, of how rosy-eyed neophytes green to the game came to Mayport, Clay Country or Ponte Vedra equipped with high hopes and minimal knowledge of market conditions, charging prices so high that no one would spare a sideways glance at their property, or so low that long-time investors and their buying agents practically salivated, awaiting a too-easy fleece. Oh, the stories I’ve heard, of independent sellers sued mercilessly over a contractual technicality, or buyers beaten down in negotiations with savvy selling agents.

Of course, I’ve also had many clients who know their way around contractual jargon as well as anybody, and can parley a mean price better than the best of them. They simply don’t have time to do so.

Regardless of your prior experience in real estate, a skilled realtor provides several universal benefits to property owners and seekers alike.

Real estate agents are in the business of staying informed.

The realtor’s effectiveness at what he or she does hinges on an ability to remain up to date on the latest market trends. To a realtor, market conditions are everything; they influence nearly every facet of the strategic approach to presenting or evaluating property value. A good realtor will take pride in the fact that they can easily hand clients recent data on comparable sales, demographics, school or crime information.

Real estate agents are shields for your time and energy.

Don’t want your property showing spammed with casual house browsers? A real estate agent will accomplish that for you, and much more. Bringing in serious buyers who are willing to offer what your property is really worth is an agent’s full time passion. Realtors will utilize the myriad professional connections at their disposal to maximize interest in your property, and keep the less than enthusiastic from chewing through your precious time.

Real estate agents are mediators by trade.

People can be tricky to get along with, especially after they’ve just expressed their undying contempt for your favorite purple shag carpet. Real estate agents are professional mediators; they make a living and a name by consistently rectifying the same conflicts, such as having a property and not wanting one, or wanting a property and not having one. Having an experienced, emotionally uninvested mediator present to settle potential taste or personality-based clashes can prevent unseemly disagreements from derailing an otherwise kosher transaction.

Whether you’re a real estate newbie or a regular tycoon doesn’t matter in regard to the benefits you can reap for your time, sanity, and wallet by employing the services of an excellent realtor.