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No matter the location, property is anything but one-dimensional. There are always multiple market factors to consider when determining where to find and what to pay for your ideal place. Whether you’re an amateur homeowner or a seasoned investor, keeping informed of up-and-coming real estate happenings in an area of interest will greatly optimize the time you spend searching for the perfect property.

Fortunately for those interested in owning or moving property within one of the country’s quickly growing real-estate hubs, the Northern Florida coast, there are a number of helpful, knowledge-packed resources available only clicks away through this list of blogs created and maintained by people with a passion for all things real estate.

  • – As a longtime resident of the Jacksonville beach area, countless times I’ve seen the calming, mellowing afterglow our rolling hills and picturesque shores can leave on anyone who frequents them. I’ve spent fourteen years admiring our coastal lifestyle and immersing myself in all the arts, culture, and subtle charm our area has to offer, and I’ve dedicated my career to facilitating in others a similar fire for the Jacksonville area. If you’re a fan of the Florida sun, I warmly encourage you to browse my blog for regularly updated real estate content.
  • – Although the site is slightly outdated, this collaborative effort of numerous local residents, philanthropists, and real estate professionals makes this informative blog is a wise addition to the online toolkit of anyone on the hunt for prime housing bargains in Jacksonville. The blog offers a wealth of content regarding recent real estate developments, all of which is fresh, well-written and contributed to on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a professionally developed focal point which focuses closely on local market movements, subscribing to WhatsUpJacksonville certainly wouldn’t hurt.
  • – If a company claims the title of world’s largest real estate franchise, it’s reasonable to assume that they probably have more than a few profound nuggets of knowledge to contribute to the real estate conversation. Real estate juggernaut Keller Williams’ blog contains a massive collection of real estate advice carefully constructed by proven industry veterans. New content is organized in a simple, accessible format equipped but not overburdened by imagery. Although the blog itself does not offer information explicitly restricted to the Florida coast region, KW’s content is stuffed to the seams with valuable industry insight, equally applicable to both real estate agents and the independently interested. Feel free to browse KW’s extensive property index for home info specific to the Florida coast region.

I’m certain these blogs will help land you that piece of coastal Florida beauty you’ve always imagined calling home. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about how I can directly assist your property search, we can touch base here.