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A person purchases a home for a variety of different reasons. They need to consider many factors. Some of these include:

  • Accessibility to grocery stores and shopping
  • Availability of great medical care
  • A manageable commute to work
  • Accessibility to entertainment and recreational activities
  • Closeness to family, friends, and sometimes within particular neighborhood

A person also buys a home because there is an emotional connection to that place. It draws him/her in for various reasons that are usually quite profound, and he/she usually cannot help but to invest in that place. The emotional attachment people develop with their homes is monumental, impacting almost every single area of their lives. Once a person lives in his/her home, there are certain thoughts that oftentimes follow.

“What can I do to improve my family’s quality of living here? How can I make this place our true haven away from the world?”

This is where renovations come into play.

Once you have decided what you want to renovate and why you want to renovate, you should make sure to complete/consider all of the “Do’s” I lay out below.


1) Establish a Budget

When starting a renovation, you must create a budget. Let me say this again one more time.

When starting a renovation,
you must create a BUDGET.

Without a budget, you may end up starting projects you cannot complete or going into debt that you cannot afford.

2) Prepare for the Worst,…

The most important thing to do when starting a renovation project is to avoid rushing through the planning required to get your project off the ground and to the end result with as few complications as possible. As tedious and time consuming as this may be, it’s important in achieving the optimal renovation result. Planning involves creating lists of materials and tools needed for each action to be taken during the project, as well as setting aside the proper amount of space for all aspects of the ongoing project. Be thorough, and get everything prepared and ready to go before even thinking about picking up that hammer.

When your home is under construction there may be people there assisting you, such as construction workers, electricians, and plumbers. You will need to provide them access to the areas being renovated. This comes with many considerations that require careful planning.

Make sure to create working conditions that are safe for everyone. This may require mats, tarps, secure ladders, tools with safety switches on them, eye glasses, gloves, and the like. Ensure a dress code for all those involved in the project. They must wear long pants and shirts that can get dirty, closed-toe shoes, gloves and eye protection. Make sure there is proper ventilation, places to store waste (i.e., in a large dumpster that you can rent), and clean, safe, tidy working environments at all times.

A renovation can cause distress for anyone and everyone involved or impacted by the project. Sometimes, renovations require you to come home at the end of a long day and work on the project instead of relax. Rain might come and ruin any materials or tools that are outside. People living in the home may disagree as to how things should be finished. Consider all the ways you can prepare for stress with those you live with and come up with ways to come back together in love and understanding when the stakes are high.

3) …Hope for the Best!

Keeping the end goal in mind will keep you relaxed when tension is present in the project. When it takes months to get proper permits or weeks to choose something as simple as a paint color, knowing that this renovation will enrich you and your family’s lives can keep you focused on the prize.

Remember: There will be obstacles. Mentally preparing yourself to keep a realistic perspective is key to minimizing their negative effects!

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