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Florida has gained the nation’s attention within the past month. With a recent, steady influx of people moving into the state, while only a small percentage of people are moving out, it is becoming a hub of optimistic civilians who are finding stable jobs, excellent academics, calming shores, and exciting activities.

The Presidential Election Affected the Housing Market

What’s more is that the recent presidential election has influenced Republicans and Democrats views on the housing market, making Florida expand at the seams with residents. Ralph McLaughlin, a writer for Trulia, explains, “Republicans swung from being more pessimistic about the housing market before the election to more optimistic afterwards,… [while] Democrats swung from being optimists about the housing market before the election to more pessimistic afterwards.” Republicans, in particular, have been steadily moving to Florida after the election with their optimism, and Florida is greatly benefiting from it.

Selena Wilson
Source: Housing in 2017: Discouraged Democrats, Revived Republicans, and Middling Millennials

Trulia Has Spoken

Trulia created a list of ten cities who are set to wildly grow within this new year of 2017. Five of these cities are in Florida, including:

#1 Jacksonville,
#2 Cape Coral–Fort Myers,
#3 Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach,
#5 Tampa–St. Petersburg, and
#10 North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton

Some staggering statistics are making this dream of Jacksonville being ranked number one a reality. In 2016, the rate of job growth in Jacksonville was 3.8%, putting it at the top of Florida’s list for job openings. “Michael Paull, an area real estate agent [states,] ‘There’s long-term economic stability here plus great schools, fantastic weather, and proximity to the ocean.’”

Paull goes on to explain that the old time phrase, “Location, location, location!” still rings true for Jacksonville. If you are looking for cheaper options, it is best to head into town, away from the coast. If you want to be near the action, he recommends living near St John’s Town Center.

Bringing it Home

Jacksonville offers a wide variety of beach-town activities for people to participate in. People can visit the three beaches along the coast–being Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic–which spans twenty-two miles. The beaches are relatively not packed with people and tourists, which is also a plus. Residents and visitors alike love to play in the water. Their activities include canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, boating, fishing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and jet skiing. According to the City of Jacksonville, there are numerous golf courses, as well as, “400 park and recreational sites within the city limits consisting of a variety of parks, open spaces, trails, athletic facilities, community and senior centers, beaches, golf courses, aquatic facilities, boat and kayak launches, nature preserves, along with an amphitheater, arboretum and an equestrian center.”

There is so much to see and do in Jacksonville. If you are interested in looking at various properties in the area, reach out to me here. I would love to help make your dreams a reality!