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Staggering Statistics

HelpScout–a company who is deeply experienced in providing sincere, authentic, and powerful customer service for companies–shares that your clients that have a negative experience with you will spread that poor reputation to more than twice as many people as a positive experience with you will. It is important to win back those clients, because having clients return to you for your services is six to seven times cheaper than obtaining new clients to purchase your services. This doesn’t mean you need to make your real estate services cheaper so that you can gain new clients, however. Customers will spend more money if they believe a company has “excellent customer service.”

Don’t think you can automate this process, however. Two thirds of people will abruptly and angrily end a phone call to your company if they can’t speak to a human being on the other end of the call.

If these statistics make anything abundantly clear to you, it should be this:

Customers want to be genuinely cared for, listened to, and responded to in real time.

So, what should you do with these statistics as a real estate expert? Follow these action points.

What Should I Do With These Statistics?

1) Assign a person/team to manage and execute excellent customer service. Give someone the job of monitoring any form of communication that clients use to give feedback to your real estate business (e.g., email, social media, phone calls, face-to-face interactions, etc.). This has the potential to do the following:

  • Keep clients happy,
  • Keep clients, period,
  • Make the clients return to you for service, and
  • Incentivize clients to share their positive experience, because your company or you solved their issue(s).

If a customer reaches out to someone in the company about their bad experience with the employee himself/herself or someone else in the company, get the person who is being complained about, your customer service manager, and the employee’s manager involved to concoct an efficient solution to the client’s qualm(s).

2) Offer a discount of real estate service to those who offer their feedback on a specific website or social media platform (e.g., yelp or your company’s website).

3) Send an email and physical piece of mail to customers at their new mailing addresses that calls for feedback on their service experience. Make sure to include on the feedback sheet you send them a box they can check that gives you permission to post their testimonials on your company’s website.

Knowing these statistics should not be overwhelming, but rather, inspire action. Keep in mind that genuinely caring for customers will inspire you to treat them according to the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” This, in turn, will make your real estate business’ bottom line grow exponentially.