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For the four activities I recommend trying out this summer, I will list them in order of greatest energy exertion to least.

1) Jet Ski

Jet skiing can burn an incredible amount of calories. Because the waves cause the rider to bounce up and down on the seat, people often exert their leg muscles with great power to control their bottom from hitting the seat too hard. Some people even stand all the way up when reaching maximum speeds. These “natural hydraulics” people subconsciously use to control their bodies keeps people tense all over. This might seem like it is uncomfortable. However, because such mass amounts of adrenaline are released in the body during this sport, people feel bright, alive, aware, and excited beyond belief.

Check out some of these local vendors to rent one for a few hours!

2) Kayak

Kayaking is both an active and serene experience. You use your core and arm muscles to paddle your way through the small ripples of water beneath you, and it can provide you with both an endorphin rush, as well as some peaceful moments. Whether you are kayaking alone or with friends, kayaking can be a great workout, social event, and meditative experience.

Check out some of these local vendors to rent one for a few hours!

3) SUP

Stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is a more recent trend. This serene experience provides paddle boarders with a sense of altered reality, because you float across water, while standing up. Getting used to the feeling takes a little while; however, the experience is as serene and euphoric as canoeing or kayaking. This gives your whole body a workout as you try to continually keep your balance and paddle with an oar simultaneously. Some people practice yoga on the board for an extra added test of their strength and meditation skills.

Check out some of these local vendors to rent one for a few hours!

4) Golf

According to Visit Jacksonville, Northeast Florida is known for its “over 1,220 holes and 70 private and public courses.” The area, “features plenty of tour-caliber courses designed by experts such as Tom Fazio, Pete Dye, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Mark McCumber.” The PGA Tour even hosts a game here! Golf is known throughout the centuries for being the sport of kings and is calming and quiet in nature, even though it requires exacting skills.

Check out some of these local courses to shoot a round of holes!

What activities are you going to do this summer? Tweet me @SelenaWilson222 about it!