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Selena Wilson is a realtor located in Jacksonville, Florida. She currently works at Keller Williams Atlantic Partners. With an irrepressible nurturing spirit and an ability to spot “diamonds in the rough,” Selena has found her perfect outlet in exploring real estate, particularly that of her local community.

Selena has had her fair share of personal moves, and after twenty years of firsthand experience in buying and selling homes, as well as tackling large-scale renovation projects, she has gained a unique perspective into the real estate sector.

Selena’s clients can expect personalized, quality customer service.  Integrity is vitally important to her.   Selena Wilson’s objective is to guide her clients through the real estate process as simply and swiftly as possible while respecting their specific needs with great care.  It’s Selena’s pleasure to assist clients through this very complex and emotional process.

She sees major opportunity in Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville, having followed local market trends on her own time for about a decade. The area’s recent influx of families and retirees, combined with a consistently high-quality school system, spell success for anyone who is looking to join the community.

Selena Wilson’s local area is bursting at the seams with things to do and places to go, attracting more people to become locals.  The local area, according to the City of Jacksonville, Florida, is rich, ‘with over 400 park and recreational sites,… consisting of a variety of parks, open spaces, trails, athletic facilities, community and senior centers, beaches, golf courses, aquatic facilities, boat and kayak launches, nature preserves, along with an amphitheater, arboretum and an equestrian center.’  This alone speaks volumes of the city and all that it has to offer.  These are some of the things that made Selena fall in love with Jacksonville, keeping her local for almost fifteen years.

Selena Wilson's Purpose-Driven Life

It has always been a passion of Selena Wilson’s to help inspire positive change and guide people toward what they value. Her own life experiences are not defined by things, but by people the many extraordinary and insightful individuals who have shaped the course of her life. Without them, Selena would not be who or where she is today. She knows that great things are accomplished with the support of others; her goal of connecting people with their perfect homes stems from this same mindset.

In the Jacksonville Beach area, in particular, there are many older homes with decades of age (or decay) wearing them down. Selena  Wilson focuses on seeing past what’s there and envisioning what can be there and sharing this vision with future homeowners so that they can make the right choice.

More About Selena Wilson

Prior to this juncture in Selena Wilson’s career, she ran her own design company. As the founder of Selena Wilson Design, she offered end-to-end design, consulting, and even shopping services for people who were ready to reimagine the possibilities for the exteriors and interiors of their home and recreate the spaces in their own unique style. Selena ran her design company independently of her day-to-day career, and knew that eventually her underlying interest in real estate and home design would become a primary focus of her life. Selena Wilson is interested in deeply understanding the residential real estate scene of Northeast Florida, stretching from Ponte Vedra through the beaches of Jacksonville.